New method Windows 10 active only 2 minutes

new method Windows 10 active only 2 minutes

New method Windows 10 active only 2 minutes

Those of you who are new members do Windows after buying a new computer, then after a while a text appears on your computer screen Windows Activate but you have many Windows Active can not do a lot of problems…

Today I will explain to you in detail how to do Windows. You can easily activate your Windows and enjoy all kinds of benefits.

First you need to download a file named KMS

The file will be in the zip file. Do you have to unzip the zip file? Then you will get two files. From there you have to click on one file. Then you will get a pop-up option. There you will click Active.

To activate Windows, you need to turn off your computer’s virus protection completely before activating Windows….

Clicking on a button will take a while and then your Windows will be automatically activated.

One of the easiest ways to activate Windows is to watch the full video below and you will understand how to activate Windows in the video below….

Download KMS file

Watch the video