If there is a soul, there is an animal, but if there is no mind, there is no human being



The animal has no mind or conscience. People have minds as valuable assets, he said. You can’t be a real person if you have life or confidence.

You can’t be a worthy person just by holding your life. One has to possess great qualities. The one who has a soul is called an animal. Man is an animal because he has a soul. But there are big differences between humans and other animals. Animals, birds and plants grow and grow according to the laws of nature. They do not need any pursuit for profit.

Humans are creatures of the mind. Man has a special entity in his mind, man pursues with his mind and brings variety in life. People express thoughts, thoughts, intellect, conscience, etc. with the mind.

And so this feature of man is no other in the animal kingdom, so man’s place and dignity over all animals.

So not only the soul, the mind or conscience has established man as a human being on earth. Therefore, to be a real person, he must have a beautiful and healthy mind.

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